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Laser ScarRevive®

What Is It For?

Laser scar resurfacing is a form of laser rejuvenation procedure to improve the pigmentation and texture of traumatic and surgical scars. The benefits of laser scar treatment include:

  • Remove scar redness

  • Treat scar thickness

  • Improve scar texture

  • Fades scars

  • Blends scars in surrounding skin

By blending the pigmentation of the scar tissue with the pigmentation of surrounding healthy skin tissue and stimulating collagen production, you may see a significant decrease in the appearance of surgical scars.  

$800 | Per Treatment 

Package of 3 Sessions | $2100 | 6 months to redeem all sessions

Treatable Scars include:

  • Traumatic Scars

  • Surgical Scars

*For Acne Scars please visit the laser resurfacing pages for face or for body.

Our Approach

Utilizing the Alma Hybrid and the Alma Veil we’re able to target virtually every aspect of traumatic and surgical scar concerns with our laser scar removal treatments in NYC. The Alma Veil is able to target any redness within the scar to make the scar more flesh toned. Then the Alma Hybrid is passed over to resurface the scar with it’s CO2 laser for scars and it’s unique 1570 nm erbium glass wavelength that remodels collagen and elastin within the scar to reduce scar thickness. Exosomes are applied to the scar after the laser scar removal treatment to facilitate healing and optimize results in the removal and reduction of deep scars.

Pre-Care | Post-Care
  • No spray tans at least 2 weeks before your appointment for laser therapy for scars. 

  • Patients must be off antibiotics for their laser scar treatment. 

  • No active sun tans or heavy direct sun exposure prior to receiving laser treatments for surgical scars. 


How many treatments of laser scar resurfacing do I need?

This varies from person to person. Factors include the degree of scarring and the intensity level of the treatment. During your laser treatment recommendations for treatment courses of action will be provided. The treatment plan can change based on how the scar responds to laser scar therapy treatments each time.

What is the recovery from laser scar revision?

Patients should expect about 2-4 weeks to start seeing an improvement in the traumatic or surgical scar. This will continue to improve over time after laser therapy for scar tissues. Most laser scar treatments are every 8-10 weeks, depending on the presentation and treatment depth. 

What is laser scar resurfacing post-care?

Patients will have to avoid having the scar exposed to the sun completely for 2 weeks. Then the patient will want to be sure they’re using at least SPF 50+ when the scar is exposed to the sun there after laser scar-reducing treatments. Proper post-care skincare instructions will be provided at your appointment. 

What devices are utilized for the laser scar revision? 

Here at Lushful Aesthetics we only utilize the gold standard lasers, which are the Alma Hybrid and the Alma Veil. The Alma Hybrid utilizes two wavelengths, the 1570 nm wavelength that stimulates and remodels both collagen and elastin fibers without any damage to the top layer of skin, and a CO2 laser to resurface the scar. The Alma Veil is the newest technology in vascular laser treatments and improves the redness found in new scars with its unique 532 nm wavelength. 

Do you have before and afters of laser scar resurfacing for surgical or traumatic scars?

We post all of our Before + Afters on our Instagram page. Follow @Lushfulaesthetics to keep up with all of our work. 

Can laser scar resurfacing for surgical scars be done in the Summer?

This depends on the commitment of the patient to avoiding sun exposure, so yes. As long as patients can keep the treated area out of the sun and apply SPF 50+ daily for the duration of time discussed with them then they can receive a laser scar rejuvenation treatment along with the proper recovery time for laser scar resurfacing. But if avoiding the sun is going to be a challenge with the patient's Summer lifestyle, then it’s best that they wait for the cooler months. 

Can laser resurfacing be done on darker skin tones? 

Laser scar resurfacing can be done on patients up to the Fitzpatrick scale of 5. For patients with deeper skin tones it’s best to do Microneedling + Exosomes and Chemical Peels for scar treatments to avoid potential burns. Our expert staff will help you choose which men's med spa services are best for you.

Why do you utilize exosomes instead of PRP or PRF after laser therapy for deep scars? 

Exosomes yield higher amounts of growth factors and peptides than found in PRP or PRF. Because PRP and PRF are derived from your own blood, you’re limited based on what your body is able to produce.

With BENEV Exosomes powered by ExoSCRT™, we see these exosomes promoting skin cell proliferation by up to 80% in a dose-dependent manner. This far exceeds the capability of PRP or PRF when aiding the recovery from laser scar resurfacing and helps to induce more collagen and elastin remodeling, therefore it further aids in improving scars.

Exosomes are responsible for cell-to-cell communication and for facilitating the exchange of RNA and other important proteins between cells (e.g. fibroblasts, keratinocytes, immune cells, etc.), in addition to transferring numerous growth factors and cytokines that have shown signs of tissue repair and improving skin cells.