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GlowBrite Laser Facial®

What Is It For?

Our GlowBrite Laser Facial is a non-ablative laser treatment to clear acne while reducing inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and producing collagen and elastin for bright and glowing skin. This is the perfect procedure to treat acne, dark spots, fine lines, enlarged pores, inflammation, and texture. Here at Lushful Aesthetics, we utilize the gold standard laser for a no downtime laser treatment, the Adva laser. We combine this non-ablative laser with the Glacial® Rx treatment to instantly improve acne, redness, and inflammation. This is our best laser treatment for glowing skin. The benefits of this treatment also include: 

  • Treat active acne

  • Improve brown spots

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Smooth out textured skin

  • Refine pores and tighten skin

  • Treat facial redness and inflammation

Laser Treatment + CryoFacial

$700 | Per Treatment 

Package of 3 Sessions | $1800 | 6 months to redeem all sessions

Our Approach

Our GlowBrite Laser Facial™ incorporates the Adva Laser, which contains 589 nm and 1319 nm wavelengths, and the Glacial® Rx cryofacial treatment to optimize results. We begin with the 589 nm wavelength to target redness, active acne, and inflammation. Then we proceed with the 1319 nm wavelength to target pigmentation issues, overactive sebaceous glands, enlarged pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. After the non-ablative laser component, we move on to the Glacial® Rx treatment, which includes both chemical and physical exfoliation but under cooling cryotherapy, so there’s no inflammation. The procedure is completed with a cooling mask, hydrating mist, and moisturizer all delivered with cryotherapy to lock in active ingredients and optimize the improvement of inflammation, acne, and skin texture.  

Pre-Care | Post-Care
  • Do not wear makeup to your laser facial appointment. 

  • Patients must be off antibiotics for their non-ablative laser treatment. 

  • It’s recommended to discontinue retinol and active ingredients a week prior to your laser facial treatment, but it’s not a strict requirement. 

  • No active sun tans, spray tans, or heavy direct sun exposure prior to receiving laser treatments.


Does the GlowBrite Laser Facial help with acne?

Yes! This is our best laser treatment for acne scars and helps to treat inflammation and overactive sebaceous glands. In addition, this laser facial for acne also helps to kill the bacteria below the surface of the skin that causes acne, texture, and tone of residual acne scars. This laser treatment for acne is less intense and has less downtime than our laser resurfacing treatment. Therefore more sessions may be required when targeting specific concerns such as skin texture. However noticeable differences can be appreciated with each treatment.

Does the GlowBrite Laser Facial help with facial redness?

Yes! The GlowBrite Laser Facial is the gold standard laser treatment for inflammation and red skin because it utilizes the 589 nm wavelength that specifically targets redness and inflammation. Plus, a cryofacial is included that calms the skin and decreases multiple aspects of skin inflammation and irritation.

How does the GlowBrite Laser Facial compare to laser genesis?

Laser genesis is an outdated technology that produces little collagen and has minimal overall impact on skin quality. In our GlowBrite Laser Facial, we’re utilizing the Adva Laser which utilizes the 589 nm wavelength to target redness, acne, and inflammation, plus the 1319 nm wavelength to treat skin texture, sebaceous glands, build collagen, and further treat acne. After the laser facial treatment, a full cryofacial is done to reduce inflammation further and calm the skin. This is a no downtime laser treatment!

Can laser facials treat fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes! The GlowBrite Laser Facial is the gold standard laser treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. This non-ablative laser treatment can treat fine lines and wrinkles with a minimal amount of downtime when compared to other types of laser facials.

What is laser facial treatment post-care?

Patients will have to be sun cautious for at least 2 weeks after their GlowBrite Laser Facial. During this time there should be daily application of SPF 50+ and avoiding activities in direct sunlight. 

Do you have before and afters of laser resurfacing with the GlowBrite Laser Facial?

We post all of our Before + Afters on our Instagram page. Follow @Lushfulaesthetics to keep up with all of our work.

Can GlowBrite Laser Facial resurfacing be done in the summer?

Yes! As long as patients apply SPF 50+ daily for 2 weeks after their treatment.

Can laser resurfacing be done on darker skin tones? 

Laser facial treatments can be done on patients up to a Fitzpatrick Skin Type 5 with proper pre and post-care treatment. Patients with deeper skin are best treated with Chemical Peels and Microneedling + Exosomes.