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RevitalBrite Laser Resurfacing®

What Is It For?

Our RevitalBrite Laser Resurfacing utilizes the Alma Hybrid device which combines an Ablative CO2 laser and a Non-Ablative 1570 nm wavelength Erbium laser. 

Topical exosomes and Red LED Light Therapy are included to maximize results and speed up the recovery process. The Alma Hybrid is the gold standard device for laser resurfacing and the benefits include: 

  • Removal of age spots

  • Improving acne scars

  • Treating and reducing dark spots and brown spots

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles

  • Smoothing out textured skin

  • Refining pores and tightening skin

$1500 | Per Treatment 

Package of 3 Sessions | $4200 | 6 months to redeem all sessions

Our Approach

Laser skin resurfacing can help to build collagen and elastin, which are foundational components of healthy skin. As a premier med spa for men in NYC, we utilize the top-of-the-line Alma Hybrid Laser for laser resurfacing. 

The Alma Hybrid combines the ablative CO2 laser for skin resurfacing and a non-ablative 1570 nm wavelength erbium laser to maximize results. By combining these two laser facial treatments we’re able to: 

  • Resurface acne scars 

  • Treat pigmentation issues

  • Tighten skin

  • Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

Exosomes are applied topically after laser resurfacing for faster healing and to enhance the results of the laser resurfacing. Followed by Red LED Light Therapy to lower inflammation further maximize collagen induction and soothe the skin. 

Pre-Care | Post-Care
  • Do not wear makeup to your laser resurfacing appointment. 

  • Patients must be off antibiotics for their laser facial treatment. 

  • It’s recommended to discontinue retinol and active ingredients a week before your laser facial treatment, but it’s not a contraindication. 

  • No active sun tans or heavy direct sun exposure before receiving laser facial treatments.  


How effective is the RevitalBrite Laser Resurfacing for acne scars?

Lushful Aesthetic’s RevitalBrite Laser Resurfacing is the premier laser therapy for acne scars as it combines CO2 laser resurfacing with the non-ablative 1570 erbium laser to remodel scars at various depths within the skin. We then apply Benev Exosomes topically and place patients under Red LED Light Therapy for optimized results.

Do laser procedures treat sun spots and sun damage?

Yes. The RevitalBrite Laser Resurfacing utilizes the Alma Hybrid Laser which is the top-tier solution for sun spots, aging skin, scars, and more with resurfacing laser therapy! 

Can laser resurfacing treat fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes. The RevitalBrite Laser Resurfacing utilizes the Alma Hybrid Laser which is best in class for erasing fine lines and wrinkles. The Alma Hybrid combines the CO2 laser resurfacing with the non-ablative 1570 erbium laser. After the procedure Benev Exosomes are applied topically and the patient is placed under Red LED Light Therapy to improve healing and minimize downtime. 

How many treatments of RevitalBrite Laser Resurfacing do I need?

This varies from person to person and also the strength of the laser setting utilized. The RevitalBrite Laser Resurfacing is an impactful moderate treatment protocol that delivers visible optimal results. That being said, some patients may want to do a series of 3 treatments to maximize their results. 

What is the CO2 laser recovery period?

This will vary depending on the intensity of the CO2 laser therapy resurfacing done. During your appointment, we’ll discuss approximately how much downtime for laser resurfacing you’re willing to have. The more downtime a patient chooses to have, the better results they’ll have from their treatment. However, some patients prefer shorter downtime treatments and just come in for several lighter laser peels with mild recovery and less intensity. 

What is laser resurfacing post-care?

Patients will have to be sun cautious for at least 2 weeks after a moderate-depth laser peel. For mild laser peels, a week of sun precaution should be expected. This means daily application of SPF 50+ and avoiding activities in direct sunlight. 

What devices are utilized for CO2 laser therapy?

Here at Lushful Aesthetics we only utilize the industry-leading standard lasers for resurfacing, which is the Alma Hybrid. The Alma Hybrid Laser utilizes two wavelengths, the 1570 nm wavelength that stimulates both collagen and elastic fibers without any damage to the top layer of skin, and a CO2 laser for resurfacing. The Alma Hybrid can utilize these two wavelengths independently or together for a synergistic effect. The entire treatment is fully customizable and can be even further customized to treat various parts of the face differently. 

How does this compare to HALO laser treatment?

The Alma Hybrid is far superior to the HALO laser treatment. Its unique 1570 nm wavelength and CO2 laser therapy combination allows for full customization of your treatment. In addition, the 1570 nm is unique to the Alma Hybrid. It’s the best wavelength to stimulate elastin, which is a key component in making skin appear youthful, especially when combined with CO2 laser rejuvenation.

How does this compare to Fraxel?

Fraxel is an outdated laser resurfacing technology. The Alma Hybrid is the top choice in both non-ablative and ablative laser resurfacing treatments. With its unique combination of a 1570 nm wavelength and a CO2 component, it’s able to create endless combinations of unique patterns to combine or separate both wavelengths to create a fully customized experience.

How is this different from a traditional CO2 device?

The Alma Hybrid is not just a CO2 device, it also contains a non-ablative 1570 nm wavelength that allows for a different depth of collagen and elastin production. Traditional CO2 laser therapy devices only help to produce collagen and not elastin. Elastin is what allows the skin to still look like skin, giving it that youthful bounce and suppleness. The 1570 nm wavelength erbium laser is a key component in tightening the skin during the laser resurfacing treatment. 

Do you have before and afters of laser resurfacing?

We post all of our Before + Afters on our Instagram page. Follow @Lushfulaesthetics to keep up with all of our work. 

Can laser resurfacing be done in the Summer?

This depends on the depth of laser resurfacing being done and the commitment of the patient to avoiding sun exposure, so yes. As long as patients can avoid the sun and apply SPF 50+ daily for the duration of time discussed with them then they can receive laser resurfacing treatment along with the proper recovery time for laser resurfacing. But if avoiding the sun is going to be a challenge with the patient's Summer lifestyle, then they should wait for the cooler months. 

Can laser resurfacing be done on darker skin tones? 

Laser resurfacing can be done on patients up to a Fitzpatrick Skin Type 5 with proper pre and post-care treatment. Patients with deeper skin are best treated with chemical peels and Microneedling + Exosomes.

Why do you utilize exosomes instead of PRP or PRF after laser resurfacing? 

Exosomes yield higher amounts of growth factors and peptides than those found in PRP or PRF. Because PRP and PRF are derived from your blood, you’re limited based on what your body can produce. 

With BENEV Exosomes powered by ExoSCRT™, we see these exosomes promoting skin cell proliferation by up to 80% in a dose-dependent manner. This far exceeds the capability of PRP or PRF when aiding the recovery from laser resurfacing and helps to induce more collagen and elastin, it further aids with pigmentation issues. 

Exosomes are responsible for cell-to-cell communication and for facilitating the exchange of RNA and other important proteins between cells (e.g. fibroblasts, keratinocytes, immune cells, etc.), in addition to transferring numerous growth factors and cytokines that have shown signs of tissue repair and improving skin cells.