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Rosy Laser Facial™

What Is It For?

Lushful Aesthetics’ Rosy Laser Facial utilizes the Alma Veil to help reduce the appearance of rosacea, broken capillaries, and bruises. This device has a 532 nm wavelength to treat superficial redness pigment skin issues and a 1064 nm wavelength to treat deeper purple and brown pigment skin concerns. The Alma Veil’s red spot laser treatment deals with: 

  • Facial redness

  • Broken Capillaries 

  • Bruises

  • Cherry Angiomas

  • Rosacea

  • Age Spots

*Results are far superior to Excel V and V-Beam. 

$500 | Per Treatment 

Package of 3 Sessions | $1200 | 6 months to redeem all sessions

Our Approach

Utilizing the Alma Veil we’re able to target various skin concerns that involve red, purple and brown pigmentation issues. This vascular laser is the gold standard for treating Facial redness, Broken Capillaries, Bruises, Rosacea, and Cherry Angiomas. If you have any of these and are looking for a non-invasive way to treat them with minimal downtime after the laser treatment for broken capillaries, you are a good candidate. Multiple laser treatments for redness are typically required for optimal results. However, some simple capillary removal treatments can be a one and done treatment. This will vary based on the skin concern and patient expectations.

Pre-Care | Post-Care
  • Do not wear makeup to your laser treatment for redness appointments. 

  • Patients must be off antibiotics for their red skin laser treatment. 

  • It’s recommended to discontinue retinol and active ingredients a week prior to your laser resurfacing treatment, but it’s not a contraindication. 

  • No active sun tans, spray tans, or heavy direct sun exposure prior to receiving laser treatments. 


Do you have before and afters of the Rosy Laser Facial for redness?

We post Before + After content of our treatments on Instagram. Follow @Lushfulaesthetics to keep up with all of our work.

Can facial redness lasers be done on darker skin tones? 

The Rosy Laser Facial can be done on patients up to a Fitzpatrick Skin Type 4 with proper pre and post-care treatment. Patients with deeper skin are best treated with Microneedling + Exosomes and medical grade skincare. 

Does this laser treatment work on red acne scars? 

The 532 nm wavelength on the Alma Veil is the gold standard treatment to remove redness from acne scars. This will turn the acne scars to be more flesh toned so they match the rest of the skin. 

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