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Shockwave Therapy + P-Shot®

What Is It For?

Promotes harder and fuller erections. Patients tend to experience more spontaneous erections and erections that last longer. Some circumcised patients notice an improvement in sensation.

Penile Enhancement Package: $3400 | Includes 6 shockwave treatments + P-Shot®

​P-Shot®: $1800 | Includes 1 Shockwave treatment

​Shockwave Series: $2400 | Includes 6 shockwave treatments

All options include a medical grade vacuum pump.

Our Approach

Utilizing a combination approach of shockwave therapy, High Density Platelet-Rich Plasma (HD PRP), and vacuum pump therapy the penis can be enhanced to have stronger, firmer, and larger erections with more pleasurable orgasms. Patients may additionally experience up to an inch in length and girth growth permanently. 

Shockwave therapy works to promote new capillary development that regenerates tissue while breaking up old calcifications that occur with age, physical damage, and lifestyle. Injecting the highest quality HD PRP derived from your own blood into the penis introduces stem cells and growth factors that support penile rejuvenation and enhancement. Finally, usage of a vacuum pump during the treatment protocol is critical for penile enhancement and may increase penis size permanently as the penis will have increased blood flow, stem cells, and growth factors introduced from both Shockwave Therapy and HD PRP. ​

Pre-Care | Post-Care
  • There’s no pre-care instructions for shockwave therapy. 

  • Prior to receiving the P-Shot® try to avoid alcohol consumption for 3 days prior. 

  • Consult with your medical provider if you are able to discontinue blood thinning medication such as Ibuprofen, Excedrin, Aspirin, Aleve, and Fish Oil prior to the P-Shot®. 


What is shockwave therapy and how is it utilized in urology? 

A focused shockwave device utilizes several pulses or "shocks" to help rejuvenate injured tissue. In regards to urology, focused shockwave technology is utilized to treat Erectile Dysfunction, Induratio Pen

How is shockwave therapy utilized in penis enhancement? 

Focused shockwave therapy is utilized to stimulate growth factors and rejuvenate old capillaries responsible for bringing blood to the penis during an erection. The growth factors also stimulate the growth of new capillaries, thus providing the penis with more blood flow than it had prior to treatments. In conjunction with the P-Shot ®, which is injecting HD PRP into the penis (thus introducing more growth factors and stem cells from your own body) and a routine utilizing medical grade vacuum therapy, penis enhancement can be achieved. Patients may experience harder, firmer erections with more sensation and their penis may grow up to an inch in girth and length.

Does shockwave therapy hurt? 

Not necessarily. Patients report feeling a vibrating sensation, more so towards the head. But overall the treatment is relatively painless.

How many treatments of shockwave therapy are required for penile enhancement? 

In order to maximize results, we include 6 sessions of shockwave therapy in the penile enhancement protocol. The sessions are scheduled once per week for six weeks.

What type of shockwave device do you utilize? 

We utilize a focused shockwave device from Storz Medical. It's extremely important that if you're looking to treat the penis with shockwave therapy that the provider is utilizing a "focused" shockwave device. Most of the individuals offering this service are using a "radial pressure device" that is often marketed as a "radial shockwave device". This is false advertising. When you look at the science, ANYTHING that is "radial" is NOT a "shockwave" at all. The device simply emits pressure; much more similar to a massage gun than a shockwave device. Therefore you will not experience improvement from your treatment.

What is the P-Shot® and HD PRP? 

The P-Shot® is simply injecting the penis with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which is derived from your own blood and centrifuged to concentrate the growth factors and stem cells. HD PRP is the next generation of PRP. Most practices utilize outdated or cheap PRP symptoms that poorly concentrate stem cells and growth factors, which is why you often need several treatments to experience a similar result as with HD PPR. We utilize the Emcyte PRP system, which is the gold standard centrifuge for concentrating stem cells to produce HD PRP. 

Does the P-Shot® hurt? 

Not necessarily. The patient is numbed prior to the injections and a small needle is utilized. Most patients don't really feel the needle at all, just a small amount of pressure from the PRP being injected. The sensation doesn't last long and patients are quite surprised with how comfortable the procedure is. We offer ProNox (laughing gas) free of charge to reduce anxiety and further reduce pain.

What is vacuum therapy and how does it aid in penile enhancement? 

Vacuum therapy utilizes a medical grade vacuum pump to create a pressurized suction on the penis to induce an erection. The pump will cause the penis each time to engorge with slightly more blood, thus slowly increasing the size of the penis. Because of the additional capillary support from the shockwave therapy and the growth factors and stem cells introduced from the HD PRP injected the penis is able to be enhanced.

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