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Chemical Peels for Body & Butt

What Is It For?

There are a wide variety of ways to utilize full-body chemical peels, depending on where you want to target the effects of the chemical peel. There can be significant benefits to back, body, and buttocks chemical peels when it comes to skin rejuvenation: 

  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks 

  • Improves the appearance and tone of your skin

  • Reduces the appearance of sunspots 

  • Reduces acne scars, acne marks, and surgical scars 

  • Treats active acne 

Chemical peels for the body target hyperpigmentation, acne, texture, folliculitis, and acne scarring. Multiple treatments may be necessary for optimal results when treating acne scars and chemical peel for body acne. 

$700 | Body Chemical Peel

$1000 | Two Areas Body Chemical Peel

Chemical peels for body acne scars, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and more can cover a wide variety of areas.  Treatable areas for a body and butt chemical peel can include:

  • Abdomen

  • Butt

  • Chest

  • Shoulders

  • Half Arms: Above OR below elbow

  • Half Legs: Above OR below the knee

  • Half Back: Upper OR lower 

Our Approach

A body or buttocks chemical peel is a procedure that utilizes a solution of actives (mainly acids) to induce a controlled injury to the outermost layers of the skin. Common areas for people to get chemical peels for acne scars on their body include the back and butt. These areas are prone to acne related to hormones, hair growth, and sweat. Utilizing a chemical peel on the body works beautifully to improve acne/blemishes by increasing the cell turnover rate of the skin. Depending on the concern being targeted, (such as treating sunspots, acne, hyperpigmentation or acne scars) as well as the area being treated, multiple sessions of body chemical peels may be required for optimal results. Do not wear makeup to your body chemical peel appointment. ​

Pre-Care | Post-Care
  • Avoid shaving, waxing, or chemical hair removal for at least 24 hours prior to your body and buttocks chemical peel appointment. 

  • If you’re prone to herpes outbreaks, begin taking your medication at least 3 days prior to your appointment.


Do chemical peels hurt? 

On the body chemical peels feel very mild. This is because the skin on the body is less sensitive than the skin on the face, so the results of body chemical peels are milder than chemical peels on the face. Patients usually only feel a warm sensation. 

How long does it take to see results? 

The skin on the body is thicker than the skin on the face. In addition, the cellular turnover rate is slower. Therefore it takes longer to fully appreciate the results of the chemical peels for body acne or acne scars on the body. Patients should expect to wait 3-4 weeks to fully appreciate the results.

What’s the downtime of a full-body chemical peel?

The “downtime” is just a week. Meaning, this is when the skin is the driest and most sensitive. However because the body takes longer to heal, patients should expect dryness for up to 3-4 weeks. Sun exposure should be avoided completely for at least 2 weeks, and very limited for up to a month. Proper SPF must be utilized when exposed during those limited exposure periods.

Is it safe to get treated with Body and Buttocks Chemical Peels during the Summer?

It depends. Chemical peels on the body can be safe to do in the Summer if the patient is completely out of the sun during the designated recovery period of chemical peel treatment. Many patients find this challenging during the Summer months, but if they do want to proceed with a chemical peel it is possible with the appropriate safety parameters in place. The expert staff at our medspa for men will help you make sure you understand the options that work best for you.

I have body acne scars, will a chemical peel help? 

Yes,  chemical peels for body acne scars are fantastic. Chemical peels are great for improving body acne scars and texture. It can take multiple peels in combination with body microneedling with exosomes to address significant scarring. But chemical peel patients can expect an improvement with every treatment, especially when combined with medical-grade skincare.

Do chemical peels help with pigmentation? 

Yes! Chemical peels for the body in combination with medical grade skincare will drastically improve hyperpigmentation on the body. Depending on the level of hyperpigmentation and discoloration, various body hyperpigmentation treatments with chemical peels may be required, potentially combined with microneedling with exosomes for optimal results. Patients must be patient with the healing process when treating the body, as it does not heal as fast as the face for these corrective procedures. ​

How long do I have to wait between treatments?

Patients can be treated with body chemical peels as early as every 4 weeks when specifically targeting concerns such as body acne and hyperpigmentation on the body. Patients will receive best results when treating the root cause of the issue, which is often hair growth, since a lot of body acne breakouts stem from folliculitis. Laser hair removal is recommended to treat the root cause of the issue first and then patients should proceed with body chemical peels for acne and hyperpigmentation on the body to receive optimal results.