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Radiesse® vs. Volux®: Choosing the Ideal Jawline Filler

By Lushful Team

August 29, 2023

A well-defined and contoured jawline is a hallmark of a youthful and attractive facial profile. Below we'll explore the differences between Radiesse® and Volux® as options for jawline enhancement, helping you make an informed choice for your goals.

The Anatomy of Jawline Enhancement

Before diving into the specifics of Radiesse and Volux and how each one of these fillers has its own benefits as jawline filler, it's important to understand the jawline's anatomy. The jawline is formed by the mandible bone, and its contour is affected by the underlying bone structure and the distribution of soft tissues, including fat and muscle. For some of us, the bone is more obvious and provides a noticeable contour, and for others, the contour is less drastic or noticeable. In addition to genetics, as we age, bone depletes and becomes recessed. Fat pads fall and muscles weaken, leading to a less defined jawline, but now there are alternatives to help you regain a jawline and tighten the surrounding skin.

Radiesse for Jawline Enhancement

Radiesse is a calcium hydroxylapatite-based dermal filler that offers both immediate results and long-term benefits as a contouring jawline filler. It consists of microspheres suspended in a gel carrier. When injected along the jawline, Radiesse provides an instant lift and contour that creates a more defined chin and jawline. As an added benefit, Radiesse also helps to treat sagging skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production in the treated area, leading to gradual improvement in skin quality and definition over time. The boost in skin quality tightens the skin around the jawline for added contour. 

While Radiesse can last up to 3 years, the collagen and elastin stimulated by the filler can last around 5 years to help preserve younger and healthier-looking skin. That said, it is important to see a well-regarded provider who has experience with using Radiesse for jawline enhancement since the filler is not dissolvable like hyaluronic acid-based fillers are. If Radiesse had to be adjusted, it could be manipulated to a degree but would require a few appointments to do so. 

Vollux for Jawline Enhancement

Volux, part of the Juvederm® family, is a hyaluronic acid (HA) based filler designed to improve jawline definition in patients with moderate to severe loss of jawline definition. Volux, as a jawline filler, is described as a crystal clear gel that volumizes and defines the jawline. Volux is unique as it is the first HA filler on the US market specifically for jawline enhancement, as a contouring jawline filler. 

Volux boasts a 1-year longevity, which falls shy of the 2-year longevity of its chin & cheek-focused counterpart, Voluma®. One benefit of using Vollux for Jawline enhancement is the option to dissolve the filler using hyaluronidase - the enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid, making this the best jawline filler for someone who is uncertain or anxious about getting their jawline enhanced. 

Choosing the Right Filler for Your Jawline

When considering Radiesse vs. Volux for jawline enhancement and debating what the best filler for the jawline is, several factors come into play:

Desired Results: Radiesse offers both immediate and gradual results as a contouring jawline filler, making it a strong choice for those seeking comprehensive improvement. Radiesse has the highest G-Prime amongst any filler on the mark, thus it’s able to provide the most defined and contoured aesthetic and can be considered one of the best-resulting jawline contouring fillers, even in patients with significantly weak jawlines seeking a chiseled jawline contour. Volux, while specifically designed for the jawline, provides less contour when compared to Radiesse. Thus Volux results are typically more subtle and ideal for those who already have a strong jawline and want a more minimal enhancement, as Volux is unlikely to be noticeable in patients with weaker jawlines seeking to see a modest improvement to contour and definition.

Longevity: If longevity is a priority, Radiesse may be a better option due to its collagen-stimulating effects that can last up to 5 years. Volux's results last up to 1 year, which can make the short-term benefits of this jawline filler appealing for those who don’t mind more regular touch-ups.

Dissolvability: Radiesse is considered a semi-permanent contouring jawline filler since it is not easily broken down by your body’s natural process or any particular enzyme. This is a great feature for longevity, but a downside in the case of poor injection technique. A skilled injector can partially dissolve Radiesse, and the remaining product is naturally broken down over a period of several months. Volux, as an HA filler, can be broken down with Hyaluronidase, but usually not in one session. Volux is part of a family of cross-linked HA’s which are longer lasting and more stable. This means that several rounds of dissolving may be required to fully dissolve cross-linked HAs, like Volux.

Injection Technique: Regardless of the filler chosen, the skill of the injector is crucial for achieving natural-looking results. Seeking a qualified, licensed, and experienced professional is key to great results. Always ask to see proof of their work. Most injectors should have before and after images available for you to see, along with reviews from satisfied patients.

Jawline Enhancement in NYC

Choosing the right provider for the best jawline filler treatment in an overly saturated market can be difficult. NYC is a prime example of a city of endless options of Aesthetic Providers. At Lushful Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on being a results-driven practice. Chris Bustamante, DNP, NP-C, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, known widely as @InjectorChris is NYC’s most sought-after Jawline Filler provider. His injection technique, showcased in his numerous educational and Before and After videos on social media, has made him the go-to injector for Male Jawline Enhancement. Chris’ preferred jawline filler is Radiesse for its longevity and proven results in creating a well-defined jawline. Call our office for more information, or book your appointment today to get the chiseled jawline you’ve been dreaming of.