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Lushful Instant BBL

What Is the Non-Invasive Butt Lift For?

The Instant hyperdilute Radiesse buttocks lift on men, women, and everyone provides an immediate increase in butt volume while also addressing asymmetry and cellulite. Utilizing hyperdilute Radiesse, the benefits of getting a Non-Invasive Brazilian Buttlift in NYC are numerous:

  • A lifted appearance of the buttocks.

  • Overall volumization of the buttocks. 

  • A drastic improvement in defining the S-shaped curve of your profile.

  • A boost of self-confidence and appearance. 

  • No scarring due to the butt lift without implants. 

  • Long lasting BBL results. 

The non-surgical Instant BBL can also improve hip dips to help transition the volume from the butt to the legs for a natural appearance.

Recommended for initial non surgical butt lift treatment:

40 Syringes: $10,000

50 syringes: $12,000

60 syringes: $13,500

Recommended for patients looking to maximize volume of a non-invasive butt lift:

70 syringes: $15,000 

80 syringes: $16,000

Great for touch-ups:

20 Syringes: $5,500 

30 Syringes: $8,000

Our Approach to a Non-Surgical BBL

Like most dermal filler procedures, Lushful Aesthetic’s NYC-based instant BBL procedure provides immediate volume results. At Lushful Aesthetics we utilize hyperdilute Radiesse, which is both a filler and a biostimulator. Radiesse® provides an immediate filling effect and its filler can create Brazilian Butt Lift results that last up to three years, while the collagen your body stimulates from the Radiesse can last over five years.

Pre-Care | Post-Care
  • Avoid alcohol consumption for 3 days prior to receiving injections for your non-invasive butt lift.

  • Consult with your medical provider if you are able to discontinue blood thinning medication such as Ibuprofen, Excedrin, Aspirin, Aleve, and Fish Oil.


How long do the results from a hyperdilute Radiesse non-Surgical BBL last?

Results from the Lushful Instant BBL utilizing hyperdilute Radiesse last several years. The filler component of Lushful Aesthetic’s butt lift without implants treatment lasts around 3 years, while the new collagen created by your own body from the Radiesse’s biostimulatory effect can last around 5 years.

Can Lushful Instant BBL filler be dissolved? 

No. Radiesse is not a hyaluronic acid-based filler, and therefore cannot be dissolved. However, the results and BBL recovery time from this procedure are quick, natural, safe, and effective. While temporary fillers for women and men’s BBLs like hyaluronic acid-based fillers only last 1-2 years, hyperdilute Radiesse BBL filler lasts 3 years and stimulates the body's production of collagen which can last up to 5 years.

How long does it take for filler to settle after a non-invasive Brazilian butt lift?

Hyperdilute Radiesse typically takes at least 2 weeks to settle, but based on individual treatment, final Hyperdilute Radiesse BBL results may take a month to settle without any residual swelling.

Will my butt look lumpy after a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift?

Initially, after treatment, it is a possibility that during your BBL recovery time, your butt will be swollen. But as swelling begins to subside, the butt will appear more smooth and even. After 2 weeks your Lushful Instant BBL will be settled and look lush and plump.

How do I know how many syringes I need for my NYC Brazilian Butt Lift?

This is based upon your goals and unique anatomy. Most patients start with 40-60 syringes for their initial Botox butt lift. It's the appropriate amount to see a difference where you can appreciate your investment. 20-30 syringes is usually only appropriate for patients looking to correct a small asymmetry or make a minor enhancement. For people with larger butts or those looking for a more modest gain in volume then the 70-80 syringe options are best for a proper butt lift without implants. Dr. Bustamante will help you determine the best option for you at your appointment based on your goals and budget.

Can men get a BBL?

Yes! The Lushful Instant BBL is for men or anyone looking to enhance the volume and overall appearance of their butt with booty lift injections.

What are the side effects of a non-surgical BBL with hyperdilute Radiesse for buttocks?

Mild soreness for 3-7 days can be expected after the initial non-surgical butt lift treatment. There is rarely bruising, but if bruising does occur it is usually mild and self resolves in about a week.

Are there any differences between men’s BBL vs. women’s BBL?

The only difference would be the Hyperdilute Radiesse BBL results the patient is trying to achieve. Typically men want more of a “soccer butt” that has more projection to appear muscular and tight. While women will typically ask for a more voluptuous appearance that transitions the butt into fuller hips. Either way, the procedure for getting a non-surgical butt lift is fully customizable to the individual and your goals will be thoroughly discussed prior to the procedure to provide you with optimal results.

Can you work out or be active during the BBL Recovery?

Yes! We just ask that you avoid working out for 24 hours after your butt lift injections. After those initial 24 hours patients can resume normal activity that is comfortable for them.

What is the difference between hyperdilute Radiesse vs. Sculptra®?

Hyperdilute Radiesse is the gold standard for a non-surgical BBL because Radiesse® is both a filler and a biostimulator. Radiesse also produces a softer collagen that mimics the natural tissue of the buttocks more so than Sculptra, which creates a firmer and more scar-like type of collagen that can lead to lumps. In addition, some patients will hyperpigment when injected with large amounts of Sculptra since Sculptra BBL results produce collagen via inflammation. Hyperpigmentation and inflammation are not concerns with Hyperdilute Radiesse. 

Why does Lushful Aesthetics use hyperdilute Radiesse?

One of our NYC MedSpa’s goals is to provide safe and effective outcomes for our patients. Hyperdilute Radiesse provides both instant results and long-term results via collagen induction, helping to create a botox bum lift you will love. Hyperdilute Radiesse creates a soft collagen that feels like real tissue in the buttocks and also induces elastin production so it helps to keep skin tight. This makes hyperdilute Radiesse the gold standard for the non-surgical BBL.

Is the Lushful Instant BBL the same as a Botox Bum Lift?

No, the Lushful Instant BBL is a procedure that uses filler to increase the volume of the buttocks. Botox is a neurotoxin that relaxes muscles in the face and other parts of the body. Botox can’t be used to lift the Butt, but it has other uses. At our practice, we offer HoleTox®, which is the use of Botox to relax the anal sphincter. 

Are there hyperdilute Radiesse for BBL before and after photos?

Yes! We have videos and before and after photos of our non-surgical butt lift on our Instagram (@LushfulAesthetics)  and Twitter (@LushfulAesth). 

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