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Chemical Peels

What are chemical face peels for?

Facial chemical peels treat a variety of skin conditions: 

  • Acne 

  • Texture 

  • Acne Scarring 

  • Large Pores 

  • Sun Damage 

  • Hyperpigmentation 

  • Age Spots 

  • Scaly Skin 

What are the results of chemical peels? 

  • Luminous Skin 

  • Reduced Acne

  • Softer Skin 

Reve Peel Classic & Fresh: $600 per vial | Only 1 vial required for face & neck

Reve Peel Enlighten Plus: $800 | Includes 2 treatments

All options include a month of medical grade skincare.

How Do Chemical Face Peels at Lushful Aesthetics Work?

A chemical peel utilizes a solution of actives (mainly acids) to induce a controlled injury to the outermost layers of the skin. The body removes the damaged skin via “peeling,” and the new skin that is revealed underneath has improved texture and more even pigment. Facial chemical peels also work beautifully to improve acne/blemishes by increasing the cell turnover rate of the skin. Depending on the concern being targeted, as well as the area being treated, multiple sessions may be required for optimal results. Patients are provided with medical-grade skincare to optimize and maintain their results.

Pre-Care | Post-Care
  • Do not wear makeup to your chemical face peel appointment. ​

  • Avoid shaving, waxing, or chemical hair removal for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. ​

  • If you’re prone to cold sores, begin taking your medication at least 3 days prior to your appointment.


Do chemical peels hurt?

This varies depending on the chemical peel itself and the patient's pain tolerance. The Reve Peel Fresh and Reve Peel Enlighten Plus are not particularly "spicy". However, the Reve Peel Classic is a  strong chemical peel that will address several skin conditions. This peel can be more intense for many. We utilize a medical grade cooling device to help with the initial stinging sensation. Once the peel has dried, the stinging sensation is very mild and tolerable. It will remain like this until it is washed off. Upon washing the peel off the skin will feel like you experienced a sunburn. Utilizing the appropriate skincare (that will be recommended) will help soothe your skin and improve your results from the peel.

How long does it take to see results from a chemical face peel?

Patients will start peeling usually starting on the third day after the chemical peel treatment at our NYC MedSpa. It will take a full week for the patient to stop peeling (there may be some residual peeling one to two days after). Once the patient has stopped peeling they can fully appreciate their results from the chemical peel.

What’s the downtime?

Recovery from a chemical skin peel is a week. Meaning, patients will be peeling throughout the week and need to be extremely conscious of avoiding sun exposure for the first week. SPF 50+ should be utilized following the chemical peel for at least two weeks to ensure proper protection.

Are facial chemical peels safe to do during the Summer?

It depends. Chemical peels can be safe to do in the Summer if the patient is completely out of the sun during the week-long recovery period. They must also have very limited sun exposure during the second week of treatment, along with appropriate sun protection (SPF 50+). Many patients find this challenging during the Summer months, but if they do want to proceed with a chemical peel it is possible with the appropriate safety parameters in place. 

I have deep acne scars, can a chemical peel help with acne scar removal?

Yes, to some degree. Chemical peels are great for improving the texture of your skin. It can take multiple peels in combination with microneedling and HD PRP to address significant scarring. But patients can expect an improvement with more luminous skin after every treatment. 

Do chemical peels help with pigmentation?

Absolutely! Chemical peels for hyperpigmentation is a fantastic treatment option. With the right peel, patients with various pigmentation issues can be treated to improve these concerns. Depending on the level of hyperpigmentation and discoloration, various peels may be required, potentially combined with microneedling and HD PRP for best outcomes. All of this will be discussed at your initial visit and a home skincare routine will be recommended for optimal results.

I have melasma, can chemical peels help me?

Yes! Our facial chemical peels work beautifully to help manage melasma. Patients must know however that melasma is a chronic issue that will consistently require maintenance treatments and a proper home skincare regimen. Patients need to be very conscious to always wear SPF 50+, and avoid heavy sun and heat exposure to slow down the return of their melasma.

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