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TED Hair Restoration

What Is It For?

Alma TED (TransEpidermal Delivery) is a revolutionary, non-invasive hair growth treatment for hair loss, hair shedding, and hair thinning. The Alma TED hair treatment utilizes an ultrasound-based system that releases sound waves and air pressure to optimize the penetration of a powerful topical hair growth formula into the scalp. The benefits of this hair restoration machine vary from individual to individual: 

  • No needles, anesthesia, or incisions

  • Painless

  • Thicker, healthier hair

  • No downtime or recovery 

  • Stronger hair follicles 

The hair restoration machine is designed to promote and increase blood flow, optimize scalp health, and stimulate hair follicles to produce thicker, stronger, and healthier hair. The topical formula utilized during the TED hair restoration procedure contains exponentially more peptides and growth factors than patient-derived PRP. Therefore the results experienced from the TED hair restoration device are far superior than PRP for hair restoration results.

$700 | Per Treatment 

Package of 6 Sessions | $3500

Our Approach

When the Alma TED hair restoration device is utilized in conjunction with the peptide and growth factor topical serum, it promotes increased blood flow to the scalp and delivers the peptides and growth factors directly to the hair follicle to promote healthier, thicker, and stronger head of hair during a hair regrowth treatment that takes about 15-20 minutes. The Alma TED hair restoration device delivers optimal results without the discomfort affiliated with PRP hair restoration which requires various injections that are quite painful. The ultrasound hair growth treatment is a completely painless and quick procedure.

Pre-Care | Post-Care
  • Wash hair and do NOT apply any leave-in hair products prior to your appointment. This includes hair gels, balms, leave-in conditioners, etc. 

  • The scalp must be healthy and not have any active skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections, etc. 

Before and After

Check out the Alma TED before and after results with our non-invasive hair restoration treatment at Lushful Aesthetics. This cutting-edge hair growth machine uses ultrasound technology to deliver a potent hair growth formula deep into the scalp without pain, needles, or downtime. The Alma TED hair restoration provides superior hair regrowth results compared to traditional PRP treatments, all within a quick and painless procedure.

TED - Case 01 - Before 01
TED - Case 01 - After 01
TED - Case 01 - Before 02
TED - Case 01 - After 02


Is this better than PRP hair restoration and PRF hair restoration?

Yes, because TED hair restoration infuses a topical peptide and growth factor serum that is specifically designed to stimulate hair growth and help promote a healthy scalp. While PRP and PRF do contain growth factors, the patient is limited by what their own body is able to create and if they are already experiencing hair loss and hair thinning then it’s likely their body is not producing enough of these hair growth factors. TED hair treatment for hair loss infuses this hair growth factor and peptide serum directly into the dermis to stimulate hair rejuvenation at the follicle.

How many treatments do I need? 

It’s recommended patients start with a series of 3 treatments with the hair restoration machine with the treatment schedule being 1 treatment per month. 

How do I maintain my results of the ultrasound for hair growth?

After patients complete their initial 3 TED hair restoration treatment series they should plan to return for 2-3 treatments per year to continue to improve on their initial results and maintain the results they have attained. It’s highly encouraged that patients of the Alma TED treatment continue other topical hair loss treatments such as topical finasteride and/or topical minoxidil, along with Nutrafol supplements. Hair restoration is best accomplished with a multimodality treatment approach. TED hair restoration is the key component of this treatment plan, but other hair rejuvenation therapies should be continued.

Who is a good candidate for treatment with Alma TED? 

TED hair restoration was developed to be used on any individual who is suffering from hair loss or wants to improve the overall thickness and appearance of their hair from ultrasound hair growth. Patients experiencing male pattern baldness, female hair loss, traction alopecia, stress-related hair loss, age-related hair loss, and more can all benefit from the TED hair treatment.

What should I expect with Alma TED? 

Utilizing the hair restoration device is a quick, 15-20 minute treatment. During your treatment our Medical Aesthetician will evaluate your scalp, hair density, and hair quality to discuss the treatment approach tailored to your specific needs. You’ll notice improvements within one month of each treatment, but a series of treatments for hair loss in conjunction with topical medication and Nutrafol vitamins will aid in delivering optimal results that can be maintained.

Is the Alma TED treatment painful? 

No, the Alma TED hair treatment is actually quite comfortable and soothing for many patients. Patients should expect to feel a warm sensation from the device and a mild vibration sensation that also creates a ringing sound through the course of treatment, but there is no pain experienced. No needles and no anesthesia are required for TED hair restoration treatments. There is no trauma or discomfort at the scalp during the treatment or post-treatment. 

How soon will I see results from Alma TED? 

You can expect to see results 1 month after each TED hair restoration treatment, but patients are highly encouraged to complete the 3 treatment series and then plan for 2-3 treatments a year to continue to improve and maintain their ultrasound hair growth results.  

Does Alma TED hair restoration regrow new hair follicles? 

Yes. By delivering low-frequency “ultrasonic” acoustic waves and air pressure, the TED Hair restoration device infuses the peptide growth factor serum deep into the dermis to stimulate new hair follicle growth. 

Does the Alma TED Hair restoration device replace a hair transplant? 

No. The only way to restore hair growth to a severely depleted scalp is through hair transplantation. However, TED hair treatment can be used in conjunction with hair transplants to help slow, stop, and reverse the progression of hair loss in both transplanted and non-transplanted areas. TED hair restoration would replace the need for the typical PRP hair restoration or PRF hair restoration required after a hair transplant.

Does TED Hair Restoration work on all hair types, including curly hair? 

Yes! TED Hair Restoration works on all hair textures and types.

How can sound waves help hair growth? 

TED hair restoration utilizes low-frequency “ultrasonic” acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive topical growth factors and peptides specifically created to encourage hair growth deep into the skin through a process called acoustic cavitation. The utilization of sound waves to increase the penetration of topical treatments is called sonophoresis or phonophoresis. When assessing the anatomy of the scalp we see the stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis, composed primarily of dead cells and lipids, which form the primary barrier between the body and the environment around us. The stratum corneum has a layered brick-like structure to it, which blocks the penetration of large molecules and moisture. The corneocytes are the cellular “bricks” that are fused together with lipids, creating the outermost barrier. TED hair restoration utilizes its ultrasonic hair growth sound waves at a very specific vibration or frequency to cause tiny, transient gaseous bubbles within the stratum corneum to rapidly expand and collapse, which then disorganizes the lipid bilayer and temporarily increases the permeability of the topical hair growth factor and peptide complex serum. This is the process of Alma TED hair restoration device or “TransEpidermal Delivery,” which creates a push-and-pull effect to deliver the growth factor and peptide serum complex for hair rejuvenation to reach the hair follicles located below the stratum corneum.