Sexual Enhancements

Anal Hygiene

By Lushful Team

August 1, 2023

Receptive anal sex, or bottoming takes some preparation. So we’ve outlined the best ways to prep for anal sex, including how to make the experience less painful and how to go about anal cleansing.

The Best Way to Prep for Anal

The anal sphincter can naturally dilate, or stretch, and can be receptive to penetration with the right prep. Your partner may say he likes it tight, but the truth is sex is better for both the bottom and the top if the penetration is smooth and seamless. Before engaging in bottoming, frequent dilation with a butt plug is recommended in order to relax the sphincter and get your body used to anal dilation. Lubricate the butt plug in order to ensure an easy insertion.

Anal Hygiene: How to Clean before Bottoming

Relaxing your sphincter is just the first step of the process. It’s important to clean before anal activity, but not over do it. When performed properly anal cleansing is simple.

First you’ll want to choose your products wisely; it can be trial and error at first. We recommend using a small bulb, like ones sold by Du, to prevent over-douching. Test out different douching solutions until you find the one that’s right for you. Ideally you should try a cleansing method and engage with sex toys to see how clean each method gets you.

Below is a step by step cleansing for your booty:

  • Use the bathroom

  • Wash your douche’s bulb and tip with warm water and soap until clean

  • Draw your preferred douche solution into the bulb. Make sure the solution is room temperature

  • Lubricate the bulb tip to make insertion easier and reduce the risk of tears

  • Standing up over the toilet or in the shower helps prevent the liquid from going too high up into your body. The higher the douching solution goes, the more likely you’ll dislodge any poop that might be stored in the sigmoid colon, which can make things messier than they would have been had you not even douched at all

  • Insert the entire bulb tip into the anus

  • Gently squeeze the bulb’s contents into your rectum

  • Remove both the tip and the bulb, and then immediately expel the mixture of douche solution and waste into the toilet

  • Repeat steps if necessary

This is ideally done about 30-60 minutes before you bottom. You should also wash your anal area in the shower with soap and warm water after douching. This relatively straight forward process is crucial for anal hygiene, and can help you guarantee a happier and healthier sex life while bottoming. 

What to Avoid While Preparing for Bottoming?

Douching is a simple way to clean for anal sex, but there are a few products you should generally avoid. Unless instructed by a medical professional, you should always use a pH neutral solution in a clean reusable douche when anal cleansing. Single-use enemas or douches with a saline solution can disrupt the natural bacteria in your sphincter and potentially lead to further gastrointestinal issues. 

What are some Bottoming Friendly Diet Tips?

It’s often recommended that you take daily fiber pills in order to keep yourself regular and ensure that you’re as clean as possible when you douche. Daily fiber intake will help ensure smoother bowel movements, making your cleaning before anal sex more effective.

What Medical Treatments Can Help Prepare You For Bottoming?

If you’ve prepped for anal with a butt plug and proper hygiene, but still finding anal sex uncomfortable, Lushful Aesthetics can help! Anal sex should be as pleasurable as possible and our HoleTox® treatment can support dilation by relaxing your sphincter via quick and painless Botox injections. It’s a simple process that will turn you into a bottoming pro! Read more about the process on our blog and head to the homepage of our website to make an appointment with Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Chris Bustamante, DNP, NP-C (@injectorchris). For any additional questions on HoleTox®, please contact us.