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What is HoleTox® for?

Patients receive HoleTox, otherwise known as anal botox, to make receiving anal sex (bottoming) easier. Anal botox can be used to prevent anal fissures and hemorrhoids, both of which are common occurrences in the bottoming community. Anal fissures are tears or ulcers in the lining of the anus that cause extreme discomfort, Botox for anal fissures can help treat and ease this discomfort.

$900 | Includes 100 units

Our Approach to Anal Botox

Anal botox allows relaxation of the internal anal sphincter muscles and the overlying skin. This relaxation can aid patients who suffer from recurring fissures and/or allow for easier dilation during penetrative anal sex (bottoming). Botox for anal fissures can help prevent future damage to the anal cavity and can result in a more enjoyable sexual experience.

Pre-Care | Post-Care
  • Avoid alcohol consumption for 3 days before receiving anal botox. 

  • Consult with your medical provider, and discontinue blood thinning medication such as Ibuprofen, Excedrin, Aspirin, Aleve, and Fish Oil a week before injections.


Does anal botox hurt?

Most patients describe anal botox as a quick pinch. There are typically 4 injection sites in the anal sphincter. For increased patient comfort we provide ProNox (laughing gas).

How often should anal botox be done?

Results from an anal botox treatment last 3-4 months. Patients seeking to maintain their results should continue to receive men's med spa services every 3 months for follow-up treatments.

Will anal botox make bottoming easier?

Anal botox is an effective treatment to assist with relaxation of the anal sphincter muscles. This, along with regular anal dilation with butt plugs, will make penetrative anal sex (bottoming) easier.

Are there any side effects to Botox for anal fissures?

There are no major side effects from Botox for anal fissures. We ask that patients avoid working out for 24 hours after their treatment, and avoid penetrative sex for at least 3 days.

How long does the anal botox procedure take?

The entire procedure itself takes about 3 minutes to perform. But first, our provider always has a consultation with the patient to discuss the benefits of anal botox and what to expect in regards to treatment. We provide ProNox (laughing gas) during the anal botox injections to help the patient relax and make the experience quick and virtually pain-free.

Can I receive anal botox if I have an active anal/rectal medical condition?

At Lushful Aesthetics we do not provide anal botox treatments for patients if they are experiencing any medical condition in the anal/rectal area including active fissures, inflamed hemorrhoids, etc. We recommend seeking medical care from a Board-Certified Proctologist before considering anal botox if you have an active medical issue.

If you are seeking preventative care or want to receive anal botox for easier bottoming, then Lushful Aesthetics is the place for you.

Will anal botox cause me to have fecal incontinence?

No. We do not inject enough Botox to inhibit the function of the internal and external anal sphincters. Our approach is to dose the sphincters enough to relax the muscles to make anal sex (bottoming) easier and more pleasurable.

Is anal botox and anal rejuvenation the same thing? 

No. Anal botox focuses on relaxing the internal and external sphincters to make bottoming easier. Meanwhile, anal rejuvenation is a broad term that focuses on enhancing the appearance and potentially tightening the anus via surgical intervention.

Is Botox for anal fissures a safe treatment?

Yes, Botox is a widely researched, safe, and effective treatment. Anal fissure botox can safely be performed to make bottoming easier and more enjoyable.

Can you have sex after Botox?

We recommend patients wait 3 days before engaging in anal sex or any anal play. Although the procedure is quite simple and nontraumatic to the tissue, it’s best to let the anal botox settle and allow the tissue to heal appropriately before engaging in anal activities that can cause discomfort.