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Penile Lengthening Surgery. Is It Worth It?

By Lushful Team

August 22, 2023

Men have shown increasing interest in addressing their aesthetics. Penile lengthening surgery is one procedure that draws attention. This surgical option is surrounded by misconceptions and a hefty price tag. Which should make one consider, is it worth it?

The Basics of Penile Lengthening Surgery: What is it?

Penile lengthening surgery, also known as phalloplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the length of the penis. It's important to note that this surgery is purely elective and falls under the category of cosmetic procedures, rather than being medically necessary. And therefore is not covered by insurance. The primary goal of penile lengthening surgery is to address individuals' concerns about their self-image, self-esteem, and overall satisfaction with their genital appearance. 

There are a wide variety of approaches that are used for penis enlargement surgery, each one featuring their own side effects and a variety of recovery times. Some surgery involves the insertion of silicone implants, while others use the transfer of fat cells or the use of skin grafts. 

How Does Permanent Penile Enlargement Surgery Work?

The primary surgical technique used to increase penile length is Ligament Release. It involves the release of the suspensory ligament that anchors the penis to the pubic bone. By severing this ligament, a portion of the penile shaft that was previously concealed within the body can be exposed, resulting in a slight increase in visible length when the penis is flaccid - though no more than about an inch.

Managing Expectations of Male Enhancement Procedures 

It's crucial to have realistic expectations about the outcomes of permanent penile enhancement. While some increase in length can be achieved, the results may not be as dramatic as some individuals hope for. More importantly, the length increase from this procedure is seen mostly in the flaccid penis state. The erect length of the penis does not change significantly and the penis typically will point down when erect once the ligament is cut since the ligament is responsible for keeping the penis up when erect. 

Risks Associated with Penis Enlargement Surgery 

There are also several risks to consider. As with all surgical procedures, risks include the potential for infection, scarring, anesthesia complications, and the need for future revision. The risks with this specific procedure include nerve damage and lack of penile support during erection which can cause erectile dysfunction.

While a more recent study in 2019 suggested that a male enhancement procedure, statistically, is becoming more safer for patients. Those who believe that the benefits of this procedure outweigh the risks should be prepared for a long, uncomfortable recovery period. 

The average recovery time for this procedure is around 4 months. The expert recommendation is that you should refrain from intense physical activities for about one month, or 30 days, and 60 days of no sexual activity or masturbation after your penile augmentation surgery. 

What Non-Surgical Options Exist

For men that desire an increase in the flaccid length of their penis, Botox is an excellent non-surgical alternative to penis enlargement surgery. The use of Penile Botox along the shaft helps to relax the muscle that causes the penis to shrink when flaccid. 

The procedure only requires topical numbing and a few quick injections along each side of the penis, and these pros well outweigh the cons of permanent penile enlargement. A Penile Botox appointment can be around 30 minutes with about a 24-48 hour downtime. To maintain results of nonsurgical penis enlargement, patients typically seek retreatment every 3-4 months. Best of all, there are hardly any side effects to Penile Botox treatments aside from injection site bruising and tenderness. Both of which resolve quickly. 

Once patients experience Penile Botox and are satisfied with the result, they typically then opt for some penis filler. As penis filler or girth enhancement with filler will also prevent the penis from retracting as much in its flaccid state. Therefore the patient’s penis will be longer and thicker when they are not erect. Penis filler slowly fades away over 3 years, so it’s a better value then getting Penile Botox on its own. That being said, some patients prefer to just regularly receive Penile Botox and combine it with Scrotum Botox. 

At Lushful Aesthetics in NYC, Chris Bustamante, DNP, NP-C, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, known widely as @InjectorChris specializes in Penile Botox, Penis Filler and other men's sexual enhancement procedures. His ShowTox® procedure helps take you from a grower to a shower. Chris is not a huge fan of penile lengthening surgery since the procedure typically leaves a scar and generally undesired results that can ruin aesthetic goals. He was inspired to introduce ShowTox at his practice to help patients meet their aesthetic goals without having to go under the knife. Contact us to learn more about this procedure or visit our website to schedule your ShowTox appointment.