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Does Working Out Change Your BBL?

By Lushful Team

August 8, 2023

Learn about how you can not only keep the shape of your butt lift, but can enhance it as well by following the best exercises after BBL, and read more on the myths of workout after getting a Brazilian butt-lift and why squats will not ruin your BBL.

Are you fully healed from a traditional or nontraditional BBL procedure and want to not only preserve the treatment but also further enhance your buttocks? When comparing BBL vs. working out, it is important to know that they can work together to help you keep your body tight and keep you feeling happy and healthy. If you want to continue to enhance your curves and help boost your self-confidence day in and day out, read more about the myths of BBL treatment and working out, and what workouts you should pursue after a Brazilian butt-lift. 

Of course, before you start hitting the gym, you first want to make sure your Brazilian butt-lift is 100% healed. If you are uncertain if you can work out or not, please consult the medical specialist who performed the butt lift treatment, and if you start to feel unwell after or during your workout, please stop immediately and have a consultation with your doctor as soon as possible. 

What Glute Exercises Are Best for Working Out After BBL? 

First, let's get this out of the way–will squats ruin my BBL? No! Outside of medical treatments, there is a large amount of research showing that squats will help grow your glutes, and if your glutes grow, so will your butt. Squats are the ultimate leg exercise, similar to how rows target the entire back, squats will help to grow your lower body all around, including your butt. Leg exercises will help to work out after BBL: 

Hip Thrusts

As a glute bridge variation, the hip thrust improves hip extension by engaging both the hamstrings and the gluteal muscles. This workout is done by maintaining balance on a bench while holding a barbell on your hips. 

Back Squats 

As an integral part of working out, squats will help to improve the appearance of your booty and build up your glutes. As a compound exercise that activates your muscles throughout your lower body and your core, it's important to get comfortable with squats, because different squats (such as a wider or narrower stance) work better for certain people. 

Reverse Lunges 

By focusing on the hamstrings and the glutes, this unilateral exercise can help fight against muscle imbalances and help to make sure your body is aesthetically symmetrical. This variation allows you to drive forward, as you stand up.  

Romanian Deadlifts 

As a deadlift where the body is bent at the hips but the knees are not bent. The result is muscle activations all along the backside of the legs, from the hamstrings to the glutes. 

What Exercises Should You Ignore after Getting a Brazilian Buttlift? 

Working out with barbells and dumbbells can be good for helping to preserve and build the body, it is important to keep away (for at least a little bit) from a couple of exercises that might end up impeding your desired results. Exercises like HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and other intensive calorie-burning exercises that focus on cardio. It is imperative that you maintain fat cells in the months following your butt-lift procedure. A loss of fat cells in those months after the treatment could result in a loss of booty. Make sure to weigh yourself before your traditional or nontraditional BBL, and try to maintain that weight after treatment. 

Where Can You Get a BBL Without Surgery? 

If you have been working out, and want to take the next steps but want to have a (much) shorter recovery time, Lushful Aesthetics and our Lushful Instant BBL can get you the results you have been looking for. Injecting hyperdilute Radiesse into the butt and hips dips may result in a drastic improvement in defining the S-shape curve of your profile, a lifted appearance of the buttocks, and a general boost to your self-esteem. If you are looking for one of NYC’s leading LGBTQ+ MedSpas that prioritize the health and comfort of their patients, look no further and contact us today.