Facial Aesthetics

Getting a Chiseled Jawline

By Lushful Team

July 5, 2023

There are ways for men to get a chiseled jawline. Creating a square chin and a sharp jawline can help you create a more overall symmetrical face. In addition, there are facial workouts and diets, which can further define your jawline.

5 Ways to Get a Better Jawline

Have you always wanted to have a more chiseled, masculine jawline, but feel that it’s just not possible? There are many myths about how to fix your side profile without surgery, and the reality is that there are ways for males to get a chiseled jawline. The strong jawline is associated with many classic masculine features, such as having an assertive personality and being successful. Creating a square chin and a sharp jawline can help you create a more overall symmetrical face, and from workouts to look more masculine to diets that can help you lose face fat, there are ways to develop a stronger jawline. 

Jaw Exercises 

The first step in reshaping your jawline, jaw exercises for the jawline may help you reshape your facial structure and help create a more symmetrical face, along with following the other steps below:

Neck Curl-Ups

Similar to an abdominal curl, you lift your head about two inches off the ground and bring your chin to your chest. Try to avoid lifting your chin or your stomach. Work with three sets of ten repetitions. 

Vowel Notes 

This exercise focuses on the muscles around the mouth, by opening your mouth wide as possible and saying the vowels of the alphabet. Try to make sure your tongue does not touch your teeth to make the workout more intense. Do three sets of fifteen repetitions.

Chin Slide 

Helping to work the muscles underneath the chin, you should place your palm under the chin, and pull your bottom jaw down as far as possible with your mouth shut then use the palm to apply pressure as you move your hand along your double chin, jawline, and side of the face until you reach your temples. Perform this exercise ten times (5 times on each side)

Working Out 

While jaw exercises for the jawline can help, in general working out and losing weight will help you look more masculine and may get you to regrow a sharper jawline. Even if you do not have a strong jawline, working out may help you lose facial fat, and by increasing blood circulation you can come away with a healthy glow.

Getting a Good Night of Rest 

Along with working out, another way to lose weight, and look all around healthier is by getting at least eight hours of continuous sleep every night. Sleep helps both the body and the brain, helping your mind maintain the neural pathways in your brain, and can even help you burn fat and lose weight. People who get a full night's rest have been shown to have less of an appetite and less of a daily caloric intake, and even burn fat and repair the body after working out. Learning how to get a sharp jawline isn’t only about focusing on the jawline, it’s about readjusting certain aspects of your life so you can be healthier and happier. 

Grow Out Your Beard 

If you have the ability, being able to grow out and shape your beard is a perfect way to help create a more symmetrical and masculine face. Learning how a beard can give you that chiseled jawline appearance is about understanding your beard’s strength and structure, and making sure to keep it well-groomed and moisturized. 

Reduce Salt in Your Diet 

Another way to keep your jawline, and your facial structure, stronger and sharper, is by making sure your face isn’t bloated. There can be a variety of reasons why you have a bloated face, but excessive salt might be one of them. The sodium in salt pulls water into your blood vessels, resulting in enlarged vessels, and therefore a swollen face, ankles, or even legs. When learning how to get a more masculine face, consider reducing the amount of sodium in your diet to about 2,000 milligrams, which is a little less than a teaspoon of salt. 

What Medical Treatments Fix Your Side Profile Without Surgery?

There are a variety of ways one might learn to get a sharp jawline and a square chin, but not all of them will work. We all have certain facial structures that we simply can’t control without some sort of medical treatment, such as jawline contouring filler. This nonsurgical facial enhancement treatment from Lushful Aesthetics, NYC’s leading LGBTQ+ MedSpa can help provide definition and structure to your jawline. The benefits include balanced facial features and a defined jawline contour. You will work along with a professional staff led by Chris Bustamante, DNP, NP-C aka InjectorChris, to make sure you are comfortable during and after each and every procedure. Lushful Aesthetics’s personal mission is that lifestyle dictates beauty and not the other way around, so let us help you from top to bottom.