Sexual Enhancements

Botox for Your Hole?!

By Lushful Team

April 11, 2023

Though you may have received some great bottoming tips from a friend, there is a medical solution for how to make bottoming easier and less painful. Anal botox is a simple, non-invasive procedure that allows for safe anal sex.

What is anal botox?

As the name suggests, anal botox is an injection of botox directly into the anal sphincter. This allows for the relaxation of internal anal sphincter muscles, making for easier dilation (stretching) during penetrative anal sex. 

Is it safe?

Anal botox is a completely safe and virtually painless procedure. Most patients experience a quick pinch during the procedure which involves 4 injection sites within the internal anal sphincter and 2 injection sites within the external anal sphincter. Each procedure takes roughly 3 minutes to perform. At Lushful Aesthetics, we also provide ProNox (laughing gas) to further relax you and ensure you’re as comfortable as possible.

How long do anal botox results last?

Each treatment lasts around 3-4 months. For consistent results, we recommend patients come in every 3 months for follow-up treatments.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects to anal botox. As with facial botox, patients should refrain from working out for 24 hours. We also recommend that you refrain from anal sex for at least 3 days following your treatment.

Does anal botox have any other benefits?

Yes! Along with making bottoming easier, anal botox can also be used to prevent anal fissures (tearing), which can be common for those who bottom frequently. Anal botox can also be used as a treatment for consistent hemorrhoids.

Any other tips for how to make anal less painful?

Anal botox is the most effective way to make receptive anal sex less painful and most patients see full results in about 2 weeks following their treatment. That being said, frequent dilation with a butt plug is a recommended activity to supplement the botox, making anal even easier.

Where can I get anal botox?

Lushful Aesthetics offers their HoleTox® treatment that is an incredibly effective solution for how to make anal less painful. For those in the NYC area, Chris Bustamante (@injectorchris) will provide a thorough consultation prior to each procedure to further educate you on the benefits of anal botox and what you can expect from our HoleTox® treatment. To make an appointment, discuss pricing, or ask additional questions, please contact us or visit our website.